Small Groups

Wednesday nights are your opportunity to grow your relationship with God while building friendships with others throughout the church. Each Wednesday you can choose from five different small group Bible studies and join the conversation.





Pastor Ron & Carol McKey

This study is for the young people (ages 18-30) with questions on why as Christians we believe the things we do. Join Pastor Ron and Carol as they share scripture, stories and explanations that will provide a better understanding of the Christian faith and assist in defending and proclaiming our beliefs.


DEEPER: The Call to Worship

Colt Straub

What is worship? How does it affect my spiritual walk? How can I experience more of the presence of God in my life? Join Pastor Colt and Kasey Straub as we explore the answer to some of these questions. This class will include a time of praise and worship, and an interactive Bible study through the book “How To Worship A King” by Zach Neese.



Frank Schroeder

Are you wondering how to live a strong Christian life? Join Pastor Frank and Traci Schroeder as they share Biblical principles for Christian living. This class is Christianity 101 for anyone seeking the foundations of our christian faith.



Elaine Croucher

Learning to accurately distinguish the leading of the Holy Spirit is perhaps the greatest challenge we can face. Abiding in the Lord and maintaining a living connection with Him begins with hearing and obeying Him. Join Elaine Croucher as we learn how to be led by the Spirit of God in our everyday lives.



FILLED: The Holy Spirit, His Person, Work & Power

Charlie & Susan Nider

Go on a journey with leaders Charlie and Susan Nider as we learn how real friendship with the Holy Spirit can change your life as we go through the video based study "The God I Never Knew" by Robert Morris.