Connect Group Leader Application


Winter/Fall 2020 Semester registration is currently closed.

Summer 2020 Semester registration opens April 29, 2020.

We all belong in a community and leading a Connect Group is a great way to make that happen! It’s simple, choose a topic or activity that interests you, select a time and location to meet and let the fun begin!

Connect Group Leader Application

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Confidentiality Agreement

I do hereby agree to never promise or commit myself to keep confidential anything that is told to me by anyone within the church until I know of what nature the subject may be. I understand that some things, if kept in confidence, could be seriously harmful to Cornerstone Church and possibly have serious legal ramifications (child abuse, homosexuality, dishonesty or any other serious problem).

Honor Code

As a leader of a Cornerstone Connect Group you have a responsibility to exhibit mature Christian behavior. You should strive to demonstrate biblical standards in all situations and your conduct should never be an embarrassment or in contradiction to Christ. You will not try to influence any member or attender of Cornerstone in a negative way.


No profanity, no smoking, no chewing tobacco, no gambling, no alcoholic beverages, no drugs, no pornography, no flirting, no gossip, no sexual immorality.

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